Distance Learning

Certified and EASA compliant Distance Learning Courses for airplane and helicopter pilots.

Private Pilot License PPL(A), PPL(H)
Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(A), LAPL(H)
Commercial Pilot License CPL(A), CPL(H)
Airline Transport Pilot ATPL(A), ATPL(H)
Instrument-Rating IR(A), IR(H)
Enroute-IR (EIR)
Competency-based IR (CB-IR)
High Performance Aeroplane HPA
Multi Engine Helicopter MEH
Bridge Courses (Helicopter Aeroplane)

Learn whereever you want, whenever you want.


Teaching Material

Up-to-date and state of the art teaching material (courseware) for PPL- to ATPL-theory.

Additionally to our Distance Learning Courses we also offer our educational material (scripts) without distance learning status, e.g. for classroom training in a flight school or for self-study, as well as for those interested in our distance learning courses that haven’t enrolled in a flight school yet

Our scripts are available as a physical paper version (4 color print in A4 folders) and as an eBook license version for Windows and Mac computers as well as an App for the Apple iPad and Android tablets.


Exam Questions

The Question Trainer is used by students of nearly all notable flight schools to prepare for the official theoretical examination.

It contains official and current exam questions from the EASA CQB (Central Question Bank) in English language and is therefore ideal to prepare yourself for the theoretical aeronautical examination (e.g. at the CAA, the Luftfahrtbundesamt LBA, the Austro Control or the BAZL). Nobody is closer to the authority questions!

Beyond this we offer partnered flight schools EASA-conform means to determine individual examination readiness through our “Examination” system.


“Dear CAT Team. I‘m in the process of achieving my ATPL and took my exam last week. The result: Every subject passed on the first attempt! I want to thank you, because the preparation was great and I could learn at my own pace. I‘m still working as an aircraft mechanic and have to work in shifts. Your „mobile learning“ was just what I needed!”