Who we are:

Civil Aviation Training Europe GmbH is the creator and distributor of German and English courseware for various types of aviation training. Our current contact details can be found in the imprint at the bottom of this page.

Which personally identifiable information (PII) is gathered or processed by the CAT eLearning App:

The CAT eLearning App currently gathers the Universal Device Identifier (UDID) of the device used to run the application, as well as gathering and processing the user’s username and password to authenticate the user on our server. The UDID is used to track the allotted amount of devices a user is authorized to use in order to access the documents assigned to them.

On successful authentication of an attempted login, the CAT eLearning App processes a list of all courses assigned to the user as well as a list of documents assigned to the user individually or through their association with a flight school.

For the sake of transparency we will also list all other data stored in association with a user on our server, even if this information is not gathered nor processed by the CAT eLearning App.

A server-side user profile consists of the following entries: Creation Date, Change Date, First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, Username, Telephone Number, Password (stored encrypted), Start- and End-Date of Access to Courseware, Amount of Allowed Devices, Activated Devices, Assigned Courses, Individually Assigned Documents, Flight School (if assigned), Flight School Class (if assigned).

Why is it necessary to process my personally identifiable information?

The processing of Creation- and Change Date is necessary for our internal organization and processing of different data sets.

The processing of First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, and Telephone Number is necessary for us to contact you, as well as clearly associating a dataset with a courseware purchase.

The encrypted Password is necessary for the server to authenticate login attempts and grant access to a user’s respective courseware.

The Start- and End Date is necessary to automatically limit the duration of access to courseware, where such a limitation was agreed upon.

The Amount of Allowed Devices is necessary to limit the amount simultaneously active devices permitted to access the courseware.

The Activated Devices are necessary to allow a clear association of active devices with a user account.

The Assigned Courses and Individually Assigned Documents are necessary for the server to provide users access to the agreed upon courseware.

The Flight School (and if assigned the Flight School Class) is necessary both for the internal management of users, but also for granting access to specific documents outside of the defined courses or individually assigned documents.

How can I access my personally identifiable information?

If you wish to receive a copy your personally identifiable information, please send us an e-mail with the subject “PII Request” to , we will then send you a complete copy within no more than 40 days.

How can I edit my personally identifiable information?

If you wish to edit your personally identifiable information, please contact us either by e-mail at , or via telephone during normal office hours at +49 (0)6241 4000 40.

How can I delete my personally identifiable information?

If you wish to have your data deleted, please e-mail us at . Please be aware that all stored information is required for use of the CAT eLearning App, and that your data can only be deleted in its entirety, which will terminate your access to any and all courseware, even if the end of your agreed upon access period has not yet been reached.

Is my personally identifiable information shared with third parties?

No. At no time and for no reason is your personally identifiable information shared with third parties.

How will I be informed about changes to this Data Protection Statement?

Should there be changes to this Data Protection Statement, all users that have data stored in our system will be informed by e-mail about the change and its nature. Furthermore any such change will also be noted in the Patch Notes of the next released version of the CAT eLearning App after the change.

When did this Data Protection Statement come into effect?

This Data Protection Statement came into effect on August 15, 2019.

This Data Protection Statement was created in accordance with the minimum requirements as set forth in the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).