Don‘t spend your time living by fixed schedules, in drab classrooms, while trying to follow the boring elaborations of uninspiring teachers. Thanks to our Distance Learning Courses you can learn where, when, and at whatever pace suits you best. But you‘re never alone, because we‘re always there for you.

Our Distance Learning Courses are booked exclusively through our partnered schools, after you‘ve enrolled as a student with them. The smallest amount of time is actually spent in the respective school itself, with distance learning requiring very little time in a classroom. The time needed represents around 10% of what you‘d spend in a classroom for a full-time class.

To illustrate the cooperation between a dedicated school and CAT, picture it like a general practitioner and a physician working together. The patient‘s (student‘s) general practitioner (dedicated school) sends the patient to a specialist (CAT) for special treatment (Distance Learning). Afterwards the specialist informs the general practitioner about all results in detail. CAT Europe is solely a distance learning provider and offers no classroom teaching. CAT Europe is a partner of the dedicated schools.

If you haven‘t yet decided on or enrolled at a dedicated school yet, you can still acquire our teaching material to study in advance. This is later deducted if you book a distance learning course.