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    CAT Online Trainer: Exam Preparation Aeroplane + Helicopter

CAT’s Online Trainer is a web-based training tool that offers the most recent version of the EASA question database (ECQB), which serves as the basis for theoretical pilot exams administered by the EASA countries

Access to the system is possible around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), from the location of your choice.

Upon order of the Online Trainer the user will receive an email with the access data (name and password) and operational instructions. The system can be used immediately from any location. The period of validity starts with the dispatch of this email.

All exam questions are provided exclusively in English; the Online Trainer’s user interface can be viewed in German or English.

Please observe that the Online Trainer is activated for a fixed licensing period (depending on the type of training). If continued access to the Online Trainer is desired beyond this fixed period, a new licence must be purchased.

All updates (including new database versions) during the licensing period are included in the fee.

The licence is bound exclusively (!) in the name of one single end-user. The usage rights for the Online Trainer cannot be transferred to other persons, and the use of the Online Trainer by several persons on one account is not legally permissible.

   Pricelist CAT Online-Trainer

Catalogue / Training



ATPL(A)  or  ATPL(H)/VFR 190,- € 18 month
CPL(A)  or  CPL(H) 150,- € 18 month
IR for CPL-holders
99,- €
74,- €
15 month
CPL(H) to CPL(A) or ATPL(H) to ATPL(A)

99,- €

12 month
HPA 99,- € 6 month
MEH 49,- € 6 month

These are final prices including German VAT, if applicable.

Please call us to order (+49 6241 / 4000-20) or send us an email.

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