Next to our certified Distance Learning Courses we also offer our educational material (scripts) without distance learning status, e.g. for classroom training in a flight school or for self-study.

If a distance learning course is booked later, we fully deduct previously purchased material from the course fee. (As long as the booking happens no later than 18 months after the initial purchase and through the same student.)

ATPL PPL Buecher

Our scripts are available as a paper version (folders) and/or electronically as an eBook (eBook license for Windows and Mac OS) as well as for the Apple iPad and Android tablets.

 For most licenses the material can be supplied in either German or English.

Our educational material was developed for effective learning and non-exhausting, comprehensive reading: Sections are clearly defined and highlighted phrases make it easy to find specific passages or technical terms. The moderate width of paragraphs, the clear typeface and the specifically chosen line spacing guarantee pleasant reading and learning.

Our typeface and text width was optimized through user surveys.

Numerous graphics and depictions help to comprehensively convey complex topics, learn them efficiently and commit their content to memory.



ATPL iPad App

Our students and customers that order an electronic version (eBook License) receive our „CAT eBook Viewer“ app as a download to view the material.

After a one-time download the documents are also available offline.

The app can be used with the mouse on Windows and Mac OS computers, as well as through the touchscreen on an Apple iPad or Android tablet.

Every customer receives two device licenses (slots), so the material can be used on two devices simultaneously.

The CAT eBook Viewer allows for more than just viewing the material, as users can freely highlight individual text passages, create individual bookmarks, or add sticky notes with personal remarks or annotations.


  • Air-Law

  • Aircraft General Knowledge / Airframes & Systems

  • Aircraft General Knowledge / Electrics

  • Aircraft General Knowledge / Powerplant

  • Instrumentation

  • Mass & Balance

  • Performance

  • Flightplanning and -monitoring

  • Human Performance and Limitations

  • Meteorology

  • General Navigation

  • Radio Navigation

  • Operational Procedures

  • Principles of Flight

  • VFR/IFR Communications


Auszug aus CAT Meteorologie Englisch
Auszug aus CAT HPL Deutsch
Auszug aus CAT HPL Deutsch