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Distance Learning Course LAPL/PPL(H)

Private Pilot License Helicopter
Light Airplane Pilot License 

Our Distance Learning Course LAPL(H)/PPL(H) encompasses the topics below. It is available in paper (high quality color print in binders) and/or as an electronic license via our CAT eBook Viewer (1) .

Note: The theoretical syllabuses for LAPL(H) and PPL(H) are the same. That’s why there is only one course.

• Principles of Flight (H)
• General Navigation
• Mass & Balance (H)
• Electrics
• Operational Procedures (H)
• Flightplanning and -monitoring
• Aircraft General Knowledge (H)
• Radio Navigation
• Instrumentation (H)
• Air-Law
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• Powerplant

This course reduces the required theory time from 100 hours in a classroom to a 10-hours presence seminar in an ATO (Approved Training Organization = flight school) of your choice. The price for this seminar depends on the chosen ATO and is not included in the CAT course.



Distance Learning Course LAPL(H) / PPL(H)
Approved, EASA compliant Distance Learning Course; Support from CAT authors/experts (24/7 Hotline); Training material either paper based and/or eBook license(1); Online-access to stage and final tests and progress reports.
Min. time: 4 weeks. Max. time: 18 month. Additional seminar time (not included): 10hours.
Currently available in German only – we are working on an English edition.
eBook(1): 519 €  /  paper: 598 €  /  both: 687 €

We also offer our educational material (scripts) for PPL(H) Theory without distance learning status, e.g. for classroom training in a flight school or for self-study.
eBook(1): 369 €  /  paper: 420 €  /  both: 509 €

(1)  The eBook license contains the entire teaching material in electronic format (via the “CAT eBook Viewer” App) for a maximum of 2 devices (supported: Windows and Mac Desktops, Apple iPad  and Android Tablets). Not printable (except for some annexes).

Quoted prices are for students (end customers) in € including the German VAT (if applicable).

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